Built Stronger
to Last Longer


ITB builds best in class truck bodies for numerous industries from Laundry and Linen, to Food and Beverage, to Furniture Manufacturers and beyond.

Governmental & Industrial

ITB designs and builds heavy-duty, long-lasting units used by Municipalities, Utility Companies and other Industries in the most challenging environments.

Partners & Suppliers

ITB is a great collaborator. We work with a number of organizations and suppliers to provide the finest solutions for our customers.

Built Stronger
to Last Longer

International Truck Body

ITB grew out of a family business and a patented aluminum side panel. The vision was to create a durable, lightweight truck body structural system that could function well and stand up to any type of industry wear and tear.

An industry leader in North America for over 40 years, ITB has become renowned for quality workmanship and innovative designs for truck bodies built to last with our completely unique, industry-leading aluminum Snap-Lock body construction.


Truck Body Panels

Truck Body Panel Innovation

Game-changing high-strength, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant aluminum linings.

Our unique Snap-Lock panel design is manufactured with integral posts, which are used as studs at every 12″ for optimal interior lining strength, as part of the wall system structure. Most of our custom-built units are commonly lined with plywood, aluminum, or seamless Kemlite FRP.


Flooring Innovation

Durable, custom, premium flooring solutions for your fleet.

Each of our flooring options are recommended by our Engineering team based on the application of the unit. The most popular applications are hardwood and extruded aluminum plank flooring. All of our floors can be finished with poured urethane, vinyl flooring, linoleum, carpeting, or any other commercial flooring our customers request.

ITB Steamworks Unit

ITB Steamworks Unit

The City of Winnipeg needed a custom build. They came to ITB.

Abundant safety and exterior work lighting, significant slotting for watermain keys and other required tools or materials. Built-in hardtop counters offer flexible workspace throughout most of the interior of the unit – including space for workstations or paperwork as required. The ISU is constructed by skilled experts using the utmost care and pride of workmanship in every unit.


Dry Freight

Dry Freight

Custom Truck Body Builds


Curtain Slider

Curtain Sider

Oil Field

Oil Field

Decks Platform Truck Build


Truck Drome Boxes

Drome Boxes

Prefab Structures

Prefab Structures


Laundry and Linens

Heavy Distribution




Not Listed? Different industry?

We’ve worked across a whole spectrum of industries and are not afraid of new challenges. We’d love to start the conversation about how ITB can work with your team to provide you with the best fleet solutions for your team.